Guanajuato, Mexico

UiTzi Solar Ovens is based in Guanajuato, Mexico - a thriving university town at 7,000 feet in Mexico's central highlands. The Spanish found gold and silver here in the 16th century and for several decades Guanajuato was the richest city in the New World. With 300 days of bright sunshine each year, a strong pedestrian ethos, and a mountainous topography that forces people to haul heavy and expensive gas tanks up and down steep alleyways to cook with, solar energy is rapidly becoming Guanajuato's new gold. All over the town solar water heaters are popping up on rooftops, and everywhere clothes are hanging out in the sun to dry. We dream that one day Guanajuato will be one of the world's first completely solar cities.

Casa Sepultura, Guanajuato

Casa Palma, Guanajuato

Casa Sol, Guanajuato

Casa Rosa, Guanajuato - Upper Terrace

Casa Rosa, Guanajuato - Lower Terrace